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Keep Economic Development
on the Road to Success!

In these uncertain economic times, it is more important than ever to keep a County Commissioner who has demonstrated fiscal responsibility, pro-business policies, respect for conservative values, and commitment to following sound economic principles. Cleveland County families and business professionals have seen the results of Jacob McHughes advocacy for our county in his current work as First Assistant County Commissioner - delivering results by partnering alongside neighbors to develop united, transparent infrastructure plans that work for our local priorities.

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-   Supports the County Budget Board to Bring Transparency & Accountability in Government

-   10+ Years of Experience in County Government

-   Limited Government Against Wasteful Spending to Curb Inflation


-   Supports Law Enforcement & Veterans to Ensure Safe Communities for Businesses & Families


-   More Money for Roads & Bridges Core Function of Local Government

Jacob McHughes has served as First Assistant County Commissioner for a decade, embedded in our community and identifying the needs for our county’s growth structure while prioritizing fiscal responsibility and efficiency in project management. McHughes has utilized advocacy of the legislature and partnerships with business leaders to build a strong network that encompasses all 77 counties. McHughes was honored by the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association with the President’s Award for safeguarding our counties and jails against frivolous litigation. He is married to the love of his life Lia, and is a graduate of University of Oklahoma

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With your vote, Jacob McHughes will ensure that Cleveland County sets measurable goals to improve our infrastructure, streamline planning, establish partnerships, and pursue sensible growth and improvements that are vital to strengthen our local economy and foster business success and improved quality of life for local families.


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